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The greatest technical feats in No Man’s Sky

This article is part of a collaboration with iQ by Intel. A veteran explorer, low on supplies, lands on an uncharted alien planet with a cyan ocean and ruby-red grass. Enormous, dinosaur-like creatures with horns graze nearby, but at least there doesn’t appear to be any acid rain, unlike the last place. After some scavenging, the explorer hops back onto her spaceship to tackle another one of the 18 quintillion planets ahead. The space exploration game No Man’s Sky, released in August 2016, is already famous for its singularly beautiful digital world. But it’s also an unprecedented technical marvel, one…


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’s launch trailer reveals nothing

The launch trailer for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, an exploration game that juxtaposes the mundanity of human lives with the apocalypse, has been released. While it’s clear the game focuses on the few left behind after most other people have gone missing, the cause of the tragedy is unclear. perhaps this was not god but humans trying to play god The video juxtaposes religious and secular overtones. It begins with a recording of an astrophysicist declaring, “It’s over. I’m the only one left,” before a moving light draws our attention to the places there should be people. There’s been…


In the sci-fi mystery game Cloud Chamber, your co-op partner is the entire internet

Found footage style storytelling like Blair Witch Project compels horror movie audiences for obvious reasons. Unlike regular film experiences, found footage supposedly has no author. With no one telling the story, the audience almost begins to feel as though they themselves are the ones responsible for authoring and solving the ghoulish mystery. This is part of the reason why most found footage horror films leave lore and details pretty vague, inviting us to think up our own. So we scour the footage like detectives, eyes pealed for any anomalies or missed hints, brains buzzing with potential answers. Cloud Chamber takes…