Best light show ever takes place in cathedral

Sometime in the 1820s, Nicéphore Niépce created “View from the Window at Le Gras,” an image from his countryside estate that would later become the world’s oldest surviving photograph. Nearly two centuries later, people snap, discard, and forget about pictures more precise and vibrant than anything Niépce could have imagined. Now, it’s no longer enough to perfectly represent the things we see. Instead, the challenge is to take the world as we see it and re-populate it with own images. One project, IOIN, is Ján Šicko’s attempt to do just that. Coming out of DevKid, his creative laboratory, IOIN is…


Night Terrors will use augmented reality to turn your home into a horror house

Over the past year the horror genre has revitalized fear. Films like David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, a film featuring a sexually transmitted haunting, and Jennifer Kent’s storybook monster film The Babadook, have received unexpectedly raving reviews and high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. In 2013, indie horror survival game Outlast allowed you to see through the eyes of investigative journalist Miles Upshur with the Oculus Rift. It was terrifying. Novum Analytics’s 17-month project Night Terrors should achieve something similar, drawing on the immersion of modern tech such as the Oculus Rift and amplifying it a hundredfold. The game is designed…


The beautiful augmented reality dreamscape of Wuxia the Fox

Eight years ago, around the time when the word “transmedia” first started getting tossed around, Jonathan Belisle began collecting his dreams into an ill-defined storyworld. “I started writing the story of a young girl named Oremia, who dreamed about whales. It was nothing structured. Mostly an aggregation of random ideas with the same characters. I thought it was an interesting narrative path, and it really inspired lots of film scripts. During that time I was also creating this series of live performances that used networks, physical installations, and media to create immersive events where the audience felt trapped—but happy to stay—in the…


Brian Eno’s new app turns ordinary vinyl into invisible cities of sound

Brian Eno has a new album, which is not surprising since the father of ambient music stays pretty busy. But what is surprising and rather amazing is the killer companion app for the album, which is a collaboration with Karl Hyde of Underworld called Someday World. The augmented reality toy (for iPhone only, sorry Android owners) allows vinyl collectors to visualize the analog music as fragmented digital art, like urban areas shattering into fractals. The way it works is really cool: just you hold your phone’s camera up to a spinning copy of the vinyl, and you can see what…