Xbox Avatars acknowledge wheelchair users at long last

Creating digital avatars to represent your identity was a big part of the Xbox 360 consoles, allowing users to customize their online appearance through a stylized caricature of themselves. With the introduction of the Xbox One, this feature was taken away briefly before being brought back with an updated design. And now, Microsoft has revealed that it will be adding wheelchairs as an option for the reintroduced avatars. Inclusion in our media is important, but society (and games in particular) seems to always favor those who are able-bodied. This is why people with disabilities (and their allies) pointed the oversight…


New life-like avatars could leave some models out of a job

Sure, being a supermodel might not sound like the worst job ever. In the 90’s, Linda Evangelista famously said that she wouldn’t even get out of bed for less than $10,000. But behind every glamorous photo shoot littered with buckets of money, lies the all too real possibility of a short-lived career. Oh, and heels. The heels don’t look very fun either. Well, it looks like scientists might be making those short-lived careers even shorter, thanks to recent technology out of Manchester Metropolitan University that renders “near-faultless” avatars of a model’s every strut and sultry smize.  To achieve this feat, Dr. Andrew Brownridge and Dr. Peter…