Take a look at Rollovski, the adorable Simogo game that never was

Recently made available for free over on their blog, Simogo’s Rollovski is adorable, clever, and unfortunately, only four levels long. The game, an unreleased prototype, stars a round, limbless detective of the same name, following him on his journey to infiltrate a strange hotel made up entirely of circular rooms. Along the way, players must avoid capture from spotlights and, like in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, build up enough speed to roll around the environment’s many loops. Unfortunately, like its ball-shaped main character, it was never quite able to get off the ground. Rollovski‘s story begins in 2012, when shortly after releasing…


What the heck could Device 6 devs’ enigmatic next game be?

We already know that influences can manifest themselves in strange ways in Simogo games, as evidenced in Device 6’s exegesis. So we should be careful about assuming too much from the inspiration collage for their new project, which appeared on their blog today. But taken at face value, it will involve maritime travel and guitar strumming, apparently.  Knowing Simogo, this could be anything from a post-modern text adventure to a fishing game, but the hints certainly point to a music game, with the green hills of Proteus and the adorable microscopic organisms of Electroplankton featured prominently. That would be a…


Sadly we’ll never get to play this lost game from Device 6 devs Simogo

Before Simogo brought us games that charmed our pants off, games like Bumpy Road and Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit, they were just two guys working at a studio in Malmö. While there, one of them was prototyping a wonderful-looking solo project called Brisby & Donnovan. It was never finished.  Posted on their blog today, the game is equal parts weird and adorable—in other words, a Simogo project. As you can see in the footage, you play as a teddy bear and his giant Englishman buddy who’s made of ribbon candy. It doesn’t get more charming than ribbon candy.…