Studio Ghibli beer, worth drinking for the whimsical label alone

The label on this bottle of beer strikes me as curious and whimsical and unlike anything I’ve seen in my lustrous beer-drinking career, which has been the downfall of many-a-beers. That’s because it comes from the hot-dog stand at the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, as snapped by a blogger over at Boing Boing. You can really sense the Miyazaki-ness of this bottle that pays tribute to Nausicaä: Valley of the Wind. Now I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon dreaming of what other Studio Ghibli-themed beers might be peddled there: a Porco Rosso saison, perhaps?  Via Boing Boing


Drinking games are broken. This beer-despensing arcade cabinet can help.

After seeing this brilliant arcade cabinet that pours the winner a pint of pilsner, I’m suddenly optimistic about the future of drinking games. Called the Barcade, the machine was made by an ad agency to promote Big Boss Brewing Company of Raleigh, North Carolina’s sweet carbonated golden brews. It runs a fighting game called The Last Barfighter, which lets buzzed craft beer fans brawl it out, using mascots for the company.  The Last Barfighter is no Street Fighter, or even Pit-Fighter, but it’s a Nobel prize-worthy idea that’s proved to me that we might just need to rethink drinking games.…