The first few minutes of Below shows the start of a legendary adventure

Exploring the depths of a cavernous island, a tiny warrior rigorously battles their way through the unknown, struggling against a stream of enemies. The story of a small hero up against a dark scary world isn’t a new concept, but it’s a powerful one. In Below, this concept is put into practice, and the promise of the adventure of a lifetime is dripping in the atmosphere created by dark colors and wide shots of the world around the character, reduced to a pinpoint of light against the vast backdrop. Below is a roguelike adventure title, where exploration and survival go…


The three most interesting things about Capybara’s upcoming Below

Word has been mum on Capy’s incredibly pretty dungeon-dive Below, but a feature over at Edge has broken the silence. In brief, it’s very much a roguelike. The general takeaway is: expect this show dog to show some teeth.  One thing we found out is that Capy took hefty inspiration from Dark Souls. The team studied the combat system closely when crafting their own. This isn’t too surprising considering how the Souls games’ influence can be seen everywhere. Two, they’re adding in an agonizing bleeding system, where once you take damage your HP gradually starts to drain. The hurt increases…