With Detroit: Become Human, David Cage makes some uncomfortable parallels

David Cage, the game developer equivalent of an ex-boyfriend who refuses to accept you’ll never love each other the same way again, announced his next title at Paris Game Week yesterday. Coming off the heels of Indigo Prophecy, a game often touted as ahead of its time, and more recently Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, games often touted as generally pretty useless, Cage released a conceptual trailer for a project he’s calling Detroit. Okay, that’s not the full title. The full title to David Cage’s next game is cringingly—no, sickeningly—Detroit: Become Human. Originating from the 2012 tech demo called Kara, Detroit will continue the story of a female…


Are games stuck in Wonderland? David Cage explains why the medium needs to grow up and how he can do it.

In the east side of Paris, in the 20th arrondissement known as Ménilmontant, there is a the largest cemetary in the city. It is called Père Lachaise and to be buried there is to share an eternal home with some of the greatest men and women of culture and politics in human history. Composer Frédéric Chopin. Singer Maria Callas. Artist Max Ernst. Writer Gertrude Stein. And of course, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. About a 20 minute walk from there lies the home Quantic Dream, a French game company run by a composer-turned-game designer David Cage. The proximity to the…