Void and Meddler is lovely but lonely

It’s a gorgeous evening in Void & Meddler’s synth-wave nightscape. The downtempo music is pulsing, rain is falling, and I’m guiding my protagonist Fyn through a market of vibrant neofuturistic goods. I click on some fish, stacked near a bobbing robot merchant. “No, just no,” Fyn tells me. I click on the pile of fish again. “No way.” /// Booting up the game, I knew from a single glance that Fyn and I were not going to get along. With her hips perpetually half-crooked and a look of withering disinterest carved into her expression, Void & Meddler’s protagonist is all…


You’re a badass. You’re a cat. Need I say more?

A feline contract killer waits outside the door of her target’s apartment at sunset, smoking a cigarette. Her gun is loaded, but she’ll need to think a bit more outside the box if she wants to get paid. Once our feline protagonist finds herself inside the target’s apartment, she decides the best method is to lock the victim inside and leave him to die from starvation. It’s a clean-cut plan—until the cops show up. Badass Inc. is a strategic action-adventure game originally created with Haxe, an open-source game programming tool, in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare challenge—a…


The moody, stylish cyber-noir The Last Night is becoming a full game

Brothers Tim and Adrien Soret produced The Last Night for a cyberpunk game jam earlier this year, and it immediately turned heads. Brief, allusive, and massively confident, the game pulls from the most visually assertive visions of cyberpunk (Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell) and tells a story of thudding simplicity. We liked it a lot, comparing it to Titan Souls, and now, like that game, it has made the jump to full-game status: the brothers have announced a Kickstarter for sometime next year.  There was not an earth-shattering amount of variation to the original experience, just a mountain of aesthetic confidence,…