Kissing sim Smooth Operator will have you wrestling tonsils like a pro

When you think about it, kissing is pretty weird—all those sloshing fluids and semi-controllable fleshy bits. The point, I am told, is not to think about kissing. Good luck with that. You are not—I repeat: ARE NOT—going to go through life without thinking about kissing. It’s just not going to happen. So you might as well concede that kissing is a bit weird. Smooth Operator, which Beardo Games released for iOS on Thursday, embraces the weirdness of kissing. That is not to say that the game is anti-kissing—far from it. Smooth Operator wants you to kiss. It wants you to…


Progress to 100 makes your iPhone surprise you all over again

The iPhone may be eight-years-old, but with Apple reiterating on its design every year, adding new features to its tilt and tap core, it’s still a magic box full of tricks. Nevertheless, the experimental phase is kinda over for Apple’s smartphone—we know what works well and what doesn’t—and so we often see the same ideas crop up over and over with apps mostly applying only new skins and contexts to differentiate themselves. “rules should be broken”  This is why when Progress to 100 comes along, asking you to stroke, shake, perhaps even smooch the screen, showing you what seems to…


E-TRACES turns dance moves into data

Electronic Traces, a concept created by Spanish designer Lesia Trubat, plans to turn real dance moves into viewable files. By combining a pair of ballet shoes with e-textile microcontroller technology by LilyPad Arduino, the shoes register both the pressure and the movement of the dancer’s feet and then beams the data to an app. The output that results from the futuristic footwear is reminiscent of elegant brush strokes. Almost a neon variant of a paintbrush sequence straight from Okami. Parallels can also be drawn to the mobile game Bounden, made in collaboration with the Junior Company of the Dutch National…