Fantasy RPGs always felt like a desk job anyway

There’s a lot to manage in a role-playing game. It can almost feeling like having a desk job—managing inventory, grinding work, looming bosses. Add with crafting, foraging, and upgrading gear on top of that it’s no wonder I keep asking myself why I repeatedly subject myself to RPG work. Not everyone loves crafting, after all. Andrew Morrish’s upcoming Kingsway is a fantasy RPG that riffs on the idea that the game is like a desk job, “pointing out the similarities between managing an RPG and daily tasks on a computer,” Morrish said. Players will have to rifle through a Windows 95–inspired operating system to navigate a…


Which Passover Plague Are You? is a real question and a real game

Anyone who had the misfortune of going through bible school will know the story: the Jewish people spent generations in slavery, tortured at the hands of great Pharaohs, before God inflicted 10 plagues upon Egypt to free his ill-treated servants. What wasn’t covered in the Abrahamic texts, though, were questions like, what would be the soundtrack to your plague? Or, what’s your revenge color? What would you do with the power of a god? Designed by Veve Jaffa, Which Passover Plague Are You? tasks you with the seemingly simple decision of how you, a human representative hand-picked by the big guy himself, will…

swiss army man

Here it is, the farting Daniel Radcliffe game that dreams are made of

When the flatulence-filled Swiss Army Man screened at the Sundance Film Festival, it was polarizing, to say the least. It even prompted a multitude of disgusted filmgoers to leave the theater, what Variety described as “could win the festival’s award for the most walk-outs.” The divisive Swiss Army Man is the feature film debut from the quirky filmmaking duo Daniels. The film itself stars Daniel Radcliffe (another Daniel) as a farting corpse with strange magical abilities, and Paul Dano as his suicidal, but very much alive, companion. As a part of the film’s marketing, an interactive version of Radcliffe’s ragdollian,…

limp body beat

Limp Body Beat makes a musical instrument out of weird fleshy men

Playing artists Sam Rolfes’ and Lars Berg’s “fleshy music game” Limp Body Beat will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to attending one of those Body World exhibits. I hate the physical look of muscles. I cringe at the sight of gore that includes flesh-slicing. I’m not into it. Flesh and anything flesh-related is not my thing. Yet, Rolfes and Berg’s browser-based rhythmic experiment for Adult Swim Games, featuring the horrifying sight of ungodly corpuscular beings, is somehow entrancing. absurd head sizes and lumpish body shapes While the ever-travelling Body Worlds exhibition is an anatomical exploration of preserved bodies, Limp…


This week’s Playlist pick: Sound System II

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. SOUND SYSTEM II (BROWSER)  BY PIPPIN BARR  Music and videogames go together like peanut butter and jelly: the visceral experience of play magnified by an equally sensorial accompaniment. In Sound System II, Pippin Barr continues to explore the interconnected relationship between play and music, this time through a modified version of Atari’s Breakout. The player’s interactions with the ball and bricks cascade into a scintillating soundscape.The longer you can stay alive, the more room you give your funky tune to breath. Sound System II is the ultimate marriage between music and play, rendering your skill an instrument and the beat a personal metronome egging…


Playlist: An interactive walk through the woods

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. WAY TO GO (BROWSER)  BY VINCENT MORISSET  For all but the most ardent naturopaths, there are very few walks through the wood that bear repeating. You came. You saw. You conquered, without dying (of boredom). What more could you want? Way To Go distinguishes itself from a typical walk through the woods by making you crave repetition. You walk through a forest on a linear path, inhabiting a white, boxy character. He has the shape of a refrigerator and the physics of Super Mario. You stick to…