Kill ’em with kindness and love in Undertale, an RPG unlike most others

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Undertale (PC, Mac)  BY Toby Fox You might say Undertale is unique due to its passive battle system. Certainly, allowing you to choose whether to flirt or fight with every monster you encounter is unconventional for an RPG. But what makes Undertale a truly notable title is how it makes metaphors out of mechanics. Most videogames give you a sword, creatures to kill, and a reward for doing so. There’s not a lot of room for interpretation. Undertale, mimicking real life, renders conflict a puzzle to be finessed and solved…


The garish psychotronic madness of Uriel’s Chasm nods to early Swans

The band Swans have two distinct phases. The first is grimy, industrial no-wave that churns and roils Tetsuo-like with dystopic paranoia and twisted sexuality. The second phase—their current one—is patient, unfurling twenty-minute art rock tapestries largely devoid of distorted guitars and far more expansive than the claustrophobia of their early work.  Also, when the songs aren’t firing on all cylinders, late Swans can feel a bit like homework—stentorian bandleader Michael Gira isn’t the most dynamic presence on the mic, and the arrangements on their longer tracks often collapse into the hit-everything cacophony of bored band members switching instruments. RAILSLAVEGAMES’ Uriel’s Chasm nods to…


Collages of bullet hell shooters and anime art are the best thing

For those of you wondering what the collective consciousness of 2chan users might look like (which admittedly is a dangerous thought), these hot-as-shit collages made of bullet hell shooters and doe-eyed anime girls pretty much nail it. Culled together from images found on Japanese parts of the internet, the giant, overwhelming, impossible artworks are populated with pop icons from otaku culture like pixel-y bullet patterns and little witches. I also spy exactly one Mega Man extra life. Kazuki Umezawa, the 29-year-old artist responsible for these incredible works, also does commissions for the likes of Diesel and designs the raddest cell phone…