Screw you Destiny, I will hug all of your dogs

This is an open letter to Lord Saladin—more like Lord Sala-didn’t think I was going to complain about your dumb dog rules, eh? Joke’s on you. You’re tired. Lord Saladin looms over you while recanting old tales of the Iron Lords. The push against The Fallen was long and gruesome. You made it out alive with only a few dings in your gear, signifying that the battle was a modest success. Expectations of relaxing after the raid were thrown out the window as soon as you saw the wolf-man himself, awaiting your return. In your head, you think: Lord Sala-didn’t know…


Here’s everything you could ever want to know about Destiny’s hair

Destiny was a beautiful game. I do not use the term lightly. In every tiny little way possible, the game was maximized for audio-visual spectacle. One of its most sumptuous details, though, was its attention on hair—which is not visible in the campaign, or in multiplayer, or on the pause screen, but exclusively at the Tower, the city-like hub that players sprint through, cashing in bounties and gearing up in the game’s endless grind.  But, hold on—let’s not talk about the grind, let’s talk about the hair, which is emblematic of all the things Destiny did right. They’re ostentatious, wonderful…