Suits: A Business RPG asks how easily you’ll give in to a corporation

The enemy here is capitalism. Isn’t it always? Suits: A Business RPG is an expedition into the morass that is modern capitalism. Note that it is not a journey through this world. That would presuppose the existence of an escape, and Suits is not that sort of game. The action takes place in a black-and-white corporate dystopia, though the extent to which this world differs from ours is very much up for debate. “Corporations,” the game’s documentation explains, “control the entire global government.” What’s new? You play as a businessman. You are not the worst of people, but you’re also…


All those vacant stores in shopping malls are being turned in data centers

Malls and department stores both have generous amounts of space, so with many vacancies still left unfilled after the recession, there’s a need to find replacement entities that can make efficient use of of the ample room. An answer to this problem is to buy the space and fill it up with servers, converting the entire establishment into a data center. The change holds a touch of irony to it, with many stores having struggled to keep up with online shopping’s rising dominance, only to be repurposed to further that goal. “Who else wants them?” said Brian Vandegrift, executive vice…


Modern folk hero Notch continues to walk lonely road of truth

Markus Persson, Minecraft creator and final incorruptible soul of our degraded age, has walked tall against the corporation men once again. After learning of the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook—perhaps by listening to the mournful cries of prairie coyotes—the man called Notch spoke out in the candid style that has made his reputation as the last of the straight shooters. “Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers,” said that clear-eyed drifter of the corporate badlands. They are not makers, these soft-handed people from Menlo Park; they cannot dig a hole…