Bayonetta trailer shows off Bayonetta doing Bayonetta stuff

There is a new Bayonetta trailer which features everything you loved and/or hated about Bayonetta. Convoluted mythology? Enormous golden animals? Skittering loungey J-pop? Gross oversexualization? All here. The first game was surprisingly lengthy, particularly if you explored its higher difficulty settings, and so most of this looks like “more Bayonetta.” Which is a good thing, maybe!  The most encouraging portion of the trailer to me, though, was the lengthy shot of what looked like some sort of surfing sequence on an enormous plume of water. For all its mechanical perfection, the original game endures in my memory at least as a…


Capcom is hiring a 100 developers a year, so there’s hope for Resident Evil 7 yet

The ongoing saga of Capcom’s fickle business model continues, as the giant Japanese publisher plans to bulk its in-house talent by hiring a staggering extra 100 people in software development a year, at least until they come up with a likely far-worse idea.  This should give them a sizable army to make next-gen games, or overthrow the government if they so choose, says CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto in a letter to investors, which seems to be the source of all relevant Capcom news of late.  This is a swing in strategy from the company’s massive outsourcing initiative of years past, when…


Will playing handheld games ever translate well to the big screen?

Back in the halcyon days of 1991, a game you played on your television was very, very different than the one you played in your hand. The dominant portable platform, Nintendo’s Game Boy, showed green-scale images that blurred when they moved. Their NES counterparts were relatively crisp, bright, and smooth. But the lesser version was the only way to get a taste of your favorites away from the couch. Fast-forward twenty years, and Sony’s Playstation Vita can pump out stunners like Uncharted: Golden Abyss; squint and it’s hard to tell the difference between this and its PS3 cousin. Companies like…