Enzo, a new arcade game that’ll spin you right round, baby

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Enzo (iOS) BY WILD ROSE GAMES All you need for a compelling arcade game is a couple of lines and a circle. Alright, strictly speaking, Pong‘s (1972) ball was a square, but the point still stands. ENZO is the latest quickfire high-score chaser to prove it. It’s climbed the ever-growing tower of arcade games that have come before it and managed to provide a unique, if familiarly frustrating, challenge through its austere use of geometry. The task is to guide the path of light beams as they bounce around inside…


Announcing Play/Off, NYC’s first league of digital play

EDIT: Keep an eye out for Play/Off in 2016. We have decided to postpone it until then in order to do the best job possible on this event series. Games have been inherently social for most of our history, from basketball to chess. Why should videogames be any different? In our new event series, brought to you by Grind coworking spaces and arts and culture publication Kill Screen, we want to bring people together to play face-to-face in New York City’s first league of digital play. Over the course of six events, teams will face off in games plucked from…


Tough Love Machine: a puzzle of 8-bit companionship

Like relationships themselves, representing the struggles of love in a digital format can be difficult. Andrew Morrish does just that in his newest game, Tough Love Machine.Tough Love Machine offers up a simple premise: unite two hearts. Like so many puzzle games before it, in execution this becomes a challenge as you move the hearts around obstacles using independently controlled left and right “hands,” never letting them fall offscreen to their demise. in the game, as in love, “There is no undo button.” The room is silent when you begin, all 8-bit neon on a solid black background. The intro…


Fotonica, the prettiest running game ever, is coming to iOS this Thursday

Hyper-minimalist runner Fotonica is coming to iOS this Thursday. Developed by Italian design duo Pietro Riva and Nicolo Tedeschi, know together as Santa Ragione, Fotonica is not your average runner game. Pulling deep from their art and design backgrounds, Fotonica is a wireframe, minimal, trippy, that feels like leaping across the sidewalk in a techno nightmare. And then it gets even bolder. The iOS version of Fotonica will feature new levels, gameplay modes, and options. Also new to the mobile version is the inclusion of two original tracks by electronica artist BAIYON, known to some as the composer for PixelJunk…