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I Am Setsuna is cold at heart

I grew up with JRPGs, but not in the sense that most people grow up with them. My mom always played them, and I always sat perched, cross-legged in our quaint apartment, happily petting our cat and watching her exciting journeys unfold. Mostly, it was the Final Fantasy games, but sometimes we’d fit a Sonic the Hedgehog session in. My mom was only 21 when she had me. She was a single mother who simultaneously juggled raising me, going to college, and working part-time. Videogames became her only hobby—they were an escape from her stress-inducing reality. JRPGs, especially those of…


This thread devoted to videogame scanlines is a reason to wake up in the morning

“Scanline screenshot thread. Because 240p is all the p’s I need.” Thus begins NeoGAFfer Peltz’s thread devoted to capturing pre-HD games using pre-HD equipment. Now at 6 pages and over 250 posts, scanning through is a coffee-break-long crash course in the ongoing defetishization of high-definition equipment and resolution. Like learning German to read Nietzsche’s pure, unfiltered thoughts, this can all seem a bit ridiculous: finding beefy old cathode-ray-tube TVs and RGB cables in order to play games at a significantly less crisp image quality. But—like, say, learning German to read Nietzsche’s pure, unfiltered thoughts—it’s hard to argue with the logic…


You had me at a 194-page book on Chrono Trigger

You say gamers don’t read. I say there aren’t nearly enough well-written books about videogames. OK, that’s a flawed argument. But it’s a half-decent introduction to Chrono Trigger, the book, a classy, white paperback that was released today and should prove to be an enlightening look at what is probably my favorite old-school JRPG. The game’s twisting plot lends itself to all sorts of introspection about time-travel. But apparently this story of a spiky-haired tramp lost in time goes deeper down the rabbit hole than that. To give you a taste, here’s an excerpt: The future of Chrono Trigger is…