Miguel Nobrega

The code-generated architectural drawings of Miguel Nóbrega

The computational science of randomness is a way to establish a firm balance without bias; a gateway between an artist and code itself. In videogames, randomness can take hold anywhere from a laughable Bethesda glitch, a serendipitous discovery in Metal Gear Solid V, to the randomly generated levels of iOS indie hit Downwell. For Los Angeles-based artist Miguel Nóbrega and his online art gallery “Possible, Plausible, Potential,” randomness is implemented as a way to strike a balance between coding and the artist. none of this illustrated architecture can actually exist. Using a plotter machine armed with colored markers, Nóbrega has…

Giapetta's Workshop

New Kickstarter uses crafting, jewelry, and games to get girls coding

A new Kickstarter entitled Giapetta’s Workshop wants to blend coding, crafting, and narrative into a single game that encourages 8-12 year old girls to be interested in STEM. The game begins in the real world, with a necklace and jewelry box that each girl can customize to fit her own style. The necklace then becomes her portal into an animated Adventure-Story app that turns learning how to code into a magical journey. The necklace serves as an input device which reveals hidden spells that, in turn, can only be unlocked by learning a basic coding program. Giapetta’s Workshop stars a…


The world of Else Heart.Break() is yours to hack

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Else Heart.Break() (PC, Mac, Linux)  BY Erik Svedang Life kinda sucks until you find out you can hack the world. That’s been the through line of a lot of cyberpunk and hacker fiction over the years. Else Heart.Break() doesn’t depart from this generalization but it does draw you into it more than ever before. You point-and-click Sebastian around an old European town until you discover its underground subculture of hackers. It’s then that you acquire a tool that lets you manipulate the code of everyday objects. Everything from…


Be intimidated by this lo-fi computer-programming game, or discover its secrets

Several lines of command-line text fade into the left side of your monitor. The sounds of primitive processor clicking and ancient operating system chimes remind you of the birth of the PC. The opposite of the clean and intuitive UI designs that we’ve all grown accustomed to jumps out at you, in an array of light gray modules and text. You think: “What the hell?” you are essentially teaching yourself how to program  You scratch your head a bit and squint as you turn to the reference manual. The first line reads, “The Tessellated Intelligence System is a massively parallel…


Vidcode is a programming tool geared toward teenage girls

With the technology industry considered male-dominated, many have wondered how to encourage more women into coding. Alexandra Diracles and Melissa Halfon have an idea: change the language. The result is Vidcode, interactive software geared toward teenage girls that enables them to customise Instagram videos with effects that they program. By combining programming with a hobby that their target demographic is already familiar with, Diracles and Halfon aim to combat a perception among girls that tech and coding are “boring.” Students can also share the videos with their friends, adding a social aspect to the coding. “A lot of young girls…


Double Fine made a pretty lame trailer for this otherwise awesome Zelda-inspired hacking game

I was super-impressed along with everyone else when I saw the  code’em-up Hack ‘n’ Slash at a live demo a month ago. The idea is that you solve puzzles like those found in the overhead Zelda games, but instead of dropping bombs and pushing blocks, you pull up a computer terminal and alter the code. This allows you to craftily change parameters of objects in the world so you can grab that heart piece, or whatever. This is very cool to behold, and it familiarizes you with the ins-and-outs of code to boot. The other issue on the table is,…