The consumerist zenith of Star Wars: Card Trader

When asked about the origins of Star Wars at a Sundance panel earlier this year, George Lucas didn’t describe a mystical story some muse had moved him to tell. Nor did he frame his films as an epic family soap opera he was inspired to get on celluloid. Neither did he delve into the many filmic influences behind the movie, from westerns and WW2 dogfighting films, to samurai flicks. Instead, his answer was about the ownership structure of the movie and how he financed it in a deal with 20th Century Fox to keep the licensing rights. He then shifted…


The birth of No Man’s Sky

If you want more in depth interviews like these, support us on Kickstarter! // Few games have captured the public imagination like No Man’s Sky. Due out in June 2016, the game promises an entire universe to explore: some 18 quintillion planets, which would take some 600 billion hours for players to fully explore. (Who knows, though; never underestimate the public’s appetite for videogames.) This would all be impressive enough, but what turned our heads was the kaleidoscopic array of colors in which the game is painted, full of toxic green skies and impossibly lush plants, dank caves and deep purple…


The daddy of all game collections remains unsold on eBay, begs question of why we collect at all

A jaw-dropping collection of games, chockablock with more videogameania in one place than this games writer has ever seen, was put up for auction on eBay with a starting price of $575,000.00 but ended without receiving a bid.    What gives? – – – The sale was for some 6850 games, 330 systems, 220 controllers (including the controller for the train sim Densha de Go!, which has two levers for throttling and braking the train), and around 185 accessories, notably an adorably cute, pink Kirby bouncy ball. Most everything was complete and in near-mint condition in the box. You could spend a day…