Spaceplan gives you a delicate view of the universe

Jake Hollands’s Spaceplan starts with a blank screen, the controls of your space ship are damaged, and the only way to start it up is to click on the Kinetigen on the top left of your screen. I click, and every click gives me a single watt of power. Solar panels, I’m then informed, will cost 10 watts. Uh oh. It appears I’ve found myself a clicker. This is a disaster. Clicker games have been my kryptonite since I left my computer powered up for six weeks in university to corner the cookie market in Cookie Clicker (2013), and when I did the same…


I’ve got 99 problems but Notch’s new game about existential dread isn’t one

The bowler-hat-wearing, dubstep-bash-throwing Minecraft creator created a quick little game about exploring the squirmy mental content of a nihilist. Coded for the latest Ludum Dare game jam, Drowning in Problems is sort of an existential take on the Cookie Clicker genre. This text-based, choice-laden leveling system tells a story about all the drawbacks of having an highly-intelligent, post-Descartes, over-thinking brain, skill point by skill point. In any case, the game is sweet and worth your time and totally adds a thoughtful dimension to the new class of spreadsheet games like Candy Box. You can play it here.


A postmodern god game where your minions go searching for a supreme being

There are god games and then there are god games. The Universim, which had its coming out party on Kickstarter the other day, isn’t content with laying down the law for a whistle stop of yokels. Even simulating the growth of a planet from human-less animal kingdoms to modern civilizations with airplanes and nuclear power is too small a bite for Alex Koshelkov and Crytivo Games. As is suggested in the video and also the title, this subjects in this sim eventually take to the cosmos to hunt down their creator, which is either you, the player, or the game’s…


This random game idea generator is Molydeux-level good

The developer of Cookie Clicker has created a highly verbose random game idea generator and it’s ridiculously good. Some of the gems we’ve been clicking on around the office include:  -a god game where you explore hipsters through terrorism;  -a social media game where you cook jewels to buy virtual items;  -and a shooting game where you ride horses with the forces of evil but bees are trying to stop you. As crazy as these ideas are, I wouldn’t be half-surprised to find an announcement for the vast majority in my inbox tomorrow, considering that yesterday I wrote about a…