An upcoming game about being a crime scene cleaner is both grim and fascinating

I have a friend who works in the ambulance service. He tells me stories. I ask him to. The expected tragedies aside (horrific traffic accidents, families in peril, octogenarians dying alone completely neglected), the most fascinating details of his job, at least to my eager ears, are sourced from his on-job training days.  This is when he was instructed to shadow the movements of a 40-year veteran (now retired), learning his techniques, picking up his intuition. What most struck me and, it seemed, my friend, is how this guy was able to stride into a stranger’s house and, within seconds,…


Bohemian Killing explores our muddy legal systems

I sat in court as a member of the jury this past summer and found it disappointing. I’d been spoiled by the dramatized murder trials and the heart-tugging sociopolitical conflicts in the fictional courtrooms of 12 Angry Men, To Kill A Mockingbird, and A Few Good Men. The verdicts were obvious, there was no shouting or revelatory speeches to be made, no drama; one of the defendants failed to turn up, and so was judged entirely on the prosecutor’s argument, sentenced in less than 10 minutes. It wasn’t until I had spent those two weeks in and out of court…