Fire Dance With Me turns Twin Peaks into an everlasting jive

Of the many peculiar clues that the dwarf in the Black Lodge gives Agent Cooper throughout Twin Peaks, dancing is one of them. Not just any dance, an awkward 1940s-style jazz step with a machine-like sway and disjointed rhythm, all of it operating from the elbows and shoulders as if his arms had minds of their own. Due to being given this clue at the beginning of the series, every time someone started dancing in the show, we sucked in air and wondered if that scene would tell us something more about the murder of Laura Palmer. This is what…


Dance offs in virtual reality are going to change your life

If clubbing in virtual reality turns out to be anything like this insane dance party demo, tearing the club up in, say, whatever the VR equivalent to Second Life is will be a consciousness-altering nexus of pulsing wavelengths and florescent tracers—no party favors necessary.  As you can see in the Dance Central-y VR experiment of the very talented technical artist Drew Skillman, which makes use of Kinect 2.0 motion-camera and an Oculus Rift VR headset, there’s really no limits to the light show when you are bumping and grinding inside an immersive stereoscopic construct. It is awesome projects like this one that…