Don’t fret, this website tells you what emotions to feel when watching Wimbledon

If you’re watching this year’s Wimbledon (you know, the tennis) how can you be sure that you’re feeling the right emotions at the right time? It’s alright, don’t panic, apparently this is a common problem that the event’s car sponsor Jaguar has tackled with a website that will tell you exactly how to feel, and when. measuring the movement, energy, and heat of the crowd.  To achieve this, a selection of people attending Wimbledon this year have been wired up so that their emotions can be measured as they spectate matches. The results are being projected live onto that website…


One chart shows why Dota 2 remains so popular

Droning on about the intricacies of Dota 2 is a sure-fire way to put the people around you to sleep. Sort of like listening to audiophiles argue over proprietary music formats, the way fans of Dota talk about Dota is is part of what makes the game seem impenetrable to outsiders. The patch notes for updates might as well be written in an alien language. Thankfully, data engineer Joe Kelley found a more elegant way of representing the game and how it has changed over the past two years. Using statistics from datdota.com, Kelley graphed the changing rate at which…