Everything, an open-universe game about the nature of being

Everything is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in the near-ish future. Er, that is, Everything, the next game by David O’Reilly. Not, you know, everything. It’s a simple idea with a huge scope: you can embody and play as everything that you see in the game’s universe. Damien DiFede, the game’s programmer, has had to come up with a new way to create and design levels to accommodate this ambition, treating objects more like ecosystems. When O’Reilly says “you [can] be anything you want” he means it. While this promise of being able to become anything does seem to be a…


The conference schedule for Two5six is available now

Two5six, our annual conference and festival, is a three-day celebration of a life well-played. If you haven’t been to Two5six before, you still have several days to buy a ticket for our conference and other events. The final schedule is now available for our conference next Saturday, May 16th. You can view the full festival schedule on Two5six’s website. Saturday’s conference will bring together leaders from game design and other industries to discuss the connections between games and other creative spaces. Game designers David O’Reilly (Mountain), Kara Stone (Sext Adventure), and Torfi Frans Olafsson (Eve Universe) will share  the stage…