Today in DayZ trolls: Bandits lying through their teeth

Let this serve as a friendly public service announcement: never trust anyone in DayZ. That should be obvious, but in case it’s not, watch carefully as two dudes lie through their teeth to lure a far too naive dude to a bullet in the back of his head. The video, called Ultimate Deception, by YouTube user FuTaWuh, is indeed the ultimate deception. I’m taking this as further evidence that DayZ has ceased being a game and now exists solely as a mechanism for trolling, a digital fly tape that attracts all the trolls away from the rest of the Internet.


There are more ways to play DayZ than psychopath, apparently

This is the revelation I gained from the DayZ Character Dice Game Remix, a personality-rolling meta-game you play prior to logging in, with the numbers from your dice assigning you a specific mentality.  Created by Reddit-users Conn3ct3d and Wingthree, the game casts you as either a hero, good guy, bad guy, survivor, crazy person, or psychopath accordingly. For those of us who only know of the ruthless survival game through hearsay, it shines a light on the strange psychology that exists within. For example, one role you can roll is “go[ing] around breaking peoples’ legs to make friends that can’t…


Sony candidly admits H1Z1 is pretty much DayZ

When Sony announced their online zombie game H1Z1 last week, everyone’s first thought was that it sounded exactly like Day Z. But it’s refreshing to hear Sony being so upfront about how the game wears its influence on it sleeve, instead of the typical PR newspeak we usually hear.  When pestered with the question of how their zombie apocalypse game differs from THE zombie apocalypse game, John Smedley of Sony Online said, in essence: well, not very much. “Not going to give some politically correct dodgy b.s. answer,” he told Reddit, a crowd who has samurai skills at cutting through…


Betrayer has survived the winter, leaves the battered settlement of Early Access in but one fortnight

With the continued popularity of games like DayZ and Rust making the survival genre officially a thing, it’s about time we’ve seen a full-blown New World settlement crossbow shooter. Betrayer: In The Spring of 1603 has actually been on Steam Early Access since August, starving through the winter but, importantly, surviving, and now its developer Blackpowder is ready to make the crossover to an official colony, er, game.  The fort-defender borrows a hint of historical accuracy from precolonial American settlements like Jamestown and the Lost Colony of Roanoke, but is set in an alternate reality where the usual demons of…


Jay-Z wanted DayZ to be called ZDay, apparently

That is according to an AMA with Dean Hall, creator of the ruthless survival zombie game DayZ, who said the team had been contacted about the name-change by the lawyers of Jay-Z, arguably the biggest figure in pop music so far in this young century, who’s worth something like $500 million and who is married to Beyonce. Can we make a rule? If you’re married to Beyonce, you’re not allowed to sue anybody.  Hall’s words exactly: Jay Z’s lawyers tried to get us to stop using DayZ and change it to ZDay, actually. We declined. But it did make me…


How mortal enemies in DayZ became BFFs on Twitter

There are literally thousands of stories about unpleasant things that happen in the harsh, brutal zombie game DayZ, but this one is pretty fascinating: Guy plays game, guy meets bandit, bandit handcuffs guy, guy begs not to be chopped with an axe. Did I mention that the guy was Sean Vanaman, the lead writer for The Walking Dead adventure game? This is pretty much how you’d expect a story in DayZ to go (aside from the playing with an important game writer thing). However, it gets weird when things take a turn for the real. You can read the Storify here, but here’s the…


Celebrate the official release of Day Z with these photos of Chernarus in real-life

Day Z was officially released today, kinda. So in honor of the brutal zombie game that had otherwise decent men writing borderline fanfic about breaking their leg and groping in the darkness until a bandit finished them off with the butt of a rifle to the head, we put together these photos.  You may recognize some of the scenes from the rolling Czechoslovakian countryside as places where you’ve done desperate deeds in the game. That’s because Bohemia Interactive are sticklers for authenticity, combing their homeland on foot and taking aerial photography to create a more lifelike place. Who knew Chernarus…