This game puts the audience into the game of streamers. Too bad they might be wearing a bikini

Good news: Akiba’s Trip 2 for PlayStation 4 offers an inventive way to put the audience into the game of a person who is streaming. Bad news: The subtitle of the game is Undead & Undressed, the combat system involves stripping the clothes off foes in broad daylight, and it seems you have a half-decent chance of showing up as an anime girl in a bikini.  One trend we’re particularly interested in is the merging of the act of playing and watching. Streaming events like Twitch Plays Pokemon are leading to new opportunities to passively play. Twitch for instance has…


Looks like live-streamers will make Daylight even more terrifying

Up till now, videogame live-streams have largely been a passive experience. Internet viewers are kept at a safe distance, where all they can do is laugh at how terrible I am at games.  But according to the official PlayStation blog, the developers of Daylight are going to change all that. Zombie Studios is experimenting with ways of inviting the savages of the online world into your carefully constructed play experience, which sounds terrifying and appropriate, considering it is a survival horror game.  While details are sparse, Zombie plans on letting viewers “control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience.” I…