That heads-up display from your favorite shooter? It’s at work in Afghanistan.

Here’s your weekly reminder that war is becoming uncannily similar to shooters.  The Germans have rolled out a sophisticated combat system known as Gladius, Latin for sword, which is not only scary-sounding, but uncomfortably videogame-esque. The initial batch of systems will let the good guys ferret out bad dudes in Afghanistan by creating a complex network that allows guns, gear, and even tanks to talk to each other on the battlefield. The communication system is exhaustive, linking into an operational loop more implements of war than I care to list here. But here’s a small sample: thermal imagers, monoculars, rifle…


Believe it or not, there was once a spectacular Aliens game

Everyone is pretty much in universal agreement that Aliens: Colonial Marines, the fresh-off-the-presses shooter of the Ridley Scott ilk, is unapologetic schlock, and it is currently getting buffeted in reviews. Complaints about quality abound, and one reviewer claims to have completed a level without ever firing a round. I’m not here to cast my stone, and I don’t intend to get caught up in the cause célèbre. I’ll just say that the verdict isn’t exactly surprising, given that very few of the Alien licensed games have been any good. . . that is, of course, with the exception of Alien vs.…


Dead Space 3’s Fear System is the most horrifying audio you’ll ever not see

The first time I played Dead Space, I couldn’t sleep. I saw Necromorphs crawling on the ceiling above my bed and had to leave a night light on for safety and sanity. The rest of my play sessions were in the middle of the day, where those things couldn’t find me. My terror stemmed from some ineffable quality of the game that I couldn’t explain. It wasn’t the slow pacing or the hideous creatures. It was something else, some sense of forboding of something somewhere just out there. Well, I recently figured out why. As part of our ongoing series with Creators…