Amnesia’s Thomas Grip: "Right now we’re sort of in the slasher horror genre in games."

Horror games are currently in a rut with their slasher film mentality says Thomas Grip, designer of games that chickens like me stay far, far away from. Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun about his upcoming title SOMA, he explained that scary games have yet to evolve from gory, cheap scares into a more psychological and terrifying type of horror. His words precisely:  Right now we’re sort of in the slasher horror genre in games. You’re just running from evil dudes or evil monsters. It’d be nice to move away from that and get into something more like Omen or Exorcist…


Dead Space 3’s Fear System is the most horrifying audio you’ll ever not see

The first time I played Dead Space, I couldn’t sleep. I saw Necromorphs crawling on the ceiling above my bed and had to leave a night light on for safety and sanity. The rest of my play sessions were in the middle of the day, where those things couldn’t find me. My terror stemmed from some ineffable quality of the game that I couldn’t explain. It wasn’t the slow pacing or the hideous creatures. It was something else, some sense of forboding of something somewhere just out there. Well, I recently figured out why. As part of our ongoing series with Creators…