Bloodborne is dragging Demon’s Souls forward by pulling from its past

Dark Souls II definitely earned the numeral in its title, whatever you thought of the game proper. It reworked and remixed Dark Souls but there was little in it that felt unfamiliar to series veterans. But the mastermind of misery himself Hidetaka Miyazaki, absent from Souls II, has returned with Bloodborne – a game leaked a few weeks ago as Project Beast. In the tradition of Miyazaki’s Demon’s and Dark Souls, Bloodborne is a spiritual successor. The games all share DNA, but as is perhaps evidenced by Bloodborne‘s title, Miyazaki is not holding himself to those conventions. He has mentioned Demon’s Souls‘ Tower of…


Dark Souls 2 producer says combat is considerably less "gamey." Cause to worry?

Dark Souls 2 is less than a week away; that is if you’re as excited as I am and are counting down by the hour. One detail worth noting is that, according to an interview with producer Takeshi Miyazoe, the combat feels less “gamey,” and he goes on to say that they’ve been tweaking the feel due to character animations being motion-captured.  I’m not sure if I like the sound of that, as the slow and satisfying motion of clanking a broadsword across an enemy’s armor in previous games was a thing of brilliance. As Mark Foster, developer of the…