Life is Strange Chloe and Max screenshot

The triumph of despair in Life Is Strange

This article contains spoilers for Life Is Strange. There are several moments in Life Is Strange (2015) which, even now, weeks after finishing it, come into my head on a daily basis. First is the closing sequence of Episode One. As Syd Matters’ “Obstacles” kicks in, we drift away from Max and Chloe by the lighthouse and across the town of Arcadia Bay. We see vignettes of the game’s entire cast—Warren, Victoria, Joyce, Kate, Jefferson, Wells, Nathan. Some of them are working, some are plotting, some are crying. David Madsen, Chloe’s bossy and suspicious step-father, is working on his house.…


Photo series captures the "existential despair" of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is an ugly mirror held up to modern-day America, and it’s plenty dark as it is, thanks. But Danish photographer Morten Rockford Ravn has taken to capturing the game’s inherent “existential despair” in striking black-and-white snapshots with the in-game camera phone. It’s an ongoing series of virtual photography that he’s calling “Fear and Loathing in GTA V.”  Ravn further explained to The Creator’s Project that what he’s trying to bring out with his photos is the “darker side of virtual reality.” He describes how he drives around on a motorbike as if Jake Gyllenhaal’s morbid go-get-’em reporter in Nightcrawler, searching for…