You’re a badass. You’re a cat. Need I say more?

A feline contract killer waits outside the door of her target’s apartment at sunset, smoking a cigarette. Her gun is loaded, but she’ll need to think a bit more outside the box if she wants to get paid. Once our feline protagonist finds herself inside the target’s apartment, she decides the best method is to lock the victim inside and leave him to die from starvation. It’s a clean-cut plan—until the cops show up. Badass Inc. is a strategic action-adventure game originally created with Haxe, an open-source game programming tool, in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare challenge—a…


New Tangiers trailer is one part Deus Ex, one hundred parts surreal freakout

In case you need confirmation that Tangiers is still surreal and eerie, the new alpha trailer will remove that doubt. If anything the game has upped the level of horrifying, jet-black bizarreness. But as Kyle our intern justifiably asked as I was writing this, “Do we have any indication Tangiers will actually be anything outside of surrealistic imagery?”  Well, a little bit. In the development blogs, you find enemies who you creep behind and hide from in the shadows. It’s definitely a stealth game in the vein of Thief and Deus Ex, but with less of the feeling like you…


Why are there so many excellent cyberpunk games, but so few great cyberpunk movies?

So many videogame to film adaptations end up in the dustpan that we wouldn’t blame you for not taking seriously the big-screen version of Deux Ex: Human Revolution. But, it sounds like the film will soon be going into production, so we felt free to speculate. What I’ve come to realize is that there is a strange triangulation between cyberpunk, videogames, and film. – – – Here’s the problem. As painful memories of the Matrix sequels and The Lawnmower Man remind me, cyberpunk films are often terrible. And has there ever been a decent movie about games, aside from the…