Dropsy, the clown game, is still decidedly horrifying and loveable

Remember Dropsy, everyone’s favorite clown/nightmare fuel? For those who don’t remember, Dropsy first began as a good joke on the Something Awful forums in 2004 and quickly spiraled into The Creepy Clown Game That Could, with over a decades worth of tumultuous development history, including: an almost-successful Kickstarter, then an overly-successful Kickstarter, before finally arriving at a publishing deal with Devolver Digital. Dropsy survived it all, his painted red smile unwavering (because it’s painted) and bulbous body #ready to do nightmarish clown stuff like hug trees. The Little Creepy Clown Game That Could  Dropsy flourished from weird internet thing into…


Foot-tall Hotline Miami toys will presumably murder your pets

Imagine this thing stalking behind your houseplants, or peering from behind the claw-foot of your bathtub. Designers Dennaton games have partnered with ESC-TOY to create this toy (“doll,” I feel like some people would say) version of the protagonist of their 2012 instant-classic Hotline Miami. The character, referred to as Jacket by fans and, eventually, the developers themselves, spattered blood about the hotels and mansions of Miami using baseball bats, golf clubs, assault rifles and his bare fists. Now you can own a tiny version of him.  The game, which has a sequel due out later this year, viewed the…