tick tock isle

Go back in time to save time in the adorable Tick Tock Isle

Described as a spiritual successor to the delightful Cat Poke, Tick Tock Isle is a point and click adventure game that doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel—and it’ll charm the pants out of anyone who thinks that wheel is outdated or boring. The demo was originally released four years ago by the duo of Jason Boyer and Ryan Pietz. “We spent an entire summer designing our biggest game yet,” Boyer writes on his blog. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have anyone to program it beyond a demo, so it lingered in our unfulfilled dreams folder.” Finally in April 2015, they decided to “make our dream a reality and…


Adventure Time creator gets all Twitch Plays Pokemon-y with crowd-played Twitter game

Currently, Pendleton Ward’s Twitter feed has been transformed from into a hand-drawn, old-school, first-person adventure game called Quest Attack!, hosted by none other than the walrus-bearded Adventure Time creator himself.  It’s no secret the cartoonist is connected to games, with nods to tabletop RPGs on his show and his collaboration with Double Fine. But we didn’t expect him to ad-lib one, drawing each scene depending on the actions requested by followers. The past few moves/tweets have involved taking a blubbery “thing” from the toilet, finding a dagger underneath, and someone pausing the game. The game doesn’t seem to be going…


Double Fine made a pretty lame trailer for this otherwise awesome Zelda-inspired hacking game

I was super-impressed along with everyone else when I saw the  code’em-up Hack ‘n’ Slash at a live demo a month ago. The idea is that you solve puzzles like those found in the overhead Zelda games, but instead of dropping bombs and pushing blocks, you pull up a computer terminal and alter the code. This allows you to craftily change parameters of objects in the world so you can grab that heart piece, or whatever. This is very cool to behold, and it familiarizes you with the ins-and-outs of code to boot. The other issue on the table is,…


Escape Goat 2: Just when you thought all of the world’s goats were safe

In the pantheon of great goat games—yes, I find it as hard to believe that this is a thing as you, but it’s true—Escape Goat sits at the high altar, alongside Jeff Minter’s GoatUp and the more sim-y Goat Simulator. The trinity has remained in perfect equilibrium for months, but with its sequel, Escape Goat 2, is making a push to become the supreme deity of goat-hood. For the unconverted, this is a game about a stubborn domesticated ruminant fleeing captivity by leaping through labyrinths of blocks, much like the first. It was sneak-released by Double Fine, who is quickly…


Firewatch looks like Walking Dead and Kentucky Route Zero’s love child

Campo Santo, the self-described “small but scrappy” indie studio announced last year, finally revealed Firewatch as its first game. If you’re a podcast listener, you’ll recognize Campo Santo as the latest collaboration between Idle Thumbs host and ex-TellTale lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. Many other seasoned designers shape this company’s star-studded team, hailing from notable developers such as Double Fine (Brutal Legend and The Cave), 2K (Bioshock II), and Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja).  The developer’s blog describes Firewatch as a “single-player, first-person exploration mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness.” You’ll play as Henry, whose peaceful summer job as the fire lookout in Yellowstone National Park gets…


Costume Quest 2 to make Halloween more whimsically endearing

Costume Quest was a sleeper of an RPG which traded in charm. And the second game in the series, announced yesterday, promises to be adorable too. And really how could it not be, with Tim Schafer and crew making a game about tikes trick-or-treating? This one is definitely filed under the “kids friendly” division of Double Fine’s game-ography, but not in the same camp with titles like Double Fine Happy Action Theater and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. It’s been RPG-ified enough so kids-at-heart can get caught up in the whimsy.  I’m a little surprised at the announcement, as…