Prepare to feed elastic bodies to the stylish Necropolis on March 17th

Last time we mentioned Necropolis, the gawp-worthy dungeon crawler wasn’t much more than a few entrancing gifs and a promise to sate our unending thirst for procedurally generated, spooky fantasy. Now there’s a set date at which you can start your death tally. Oh yes, Necropolis will release on March 17th, with pre-orders opening today. And a set release date isn’t all that Necropolis has gotten since we looked away—it also appears to have grown a sense of humor. Made by Harebrained Schemes, the creators of the Shadowrun games, Necropolis is a game about exploring a very dangerous tomb and getting killed a…


Crawl eyes an August 6th release date

Learning that Crawl is only a little bit more than a week away from hitting early access may not do much for you, initially. Understandable. It’s been a while since this local multiplayer game been on the radar. To jog your memory, Crawl looks like some sort of variation of tag set in hell. One player is human and the others play murderous ghosts jostling to deliver the killing blow onto the mortal so that they may, in turn, become human. Ghosts can posses monsters and traps, constantly switching to get a leg up on the human player, yes, but on…


Crawl is like Diablo, but with gorgeous, gory pixels

The dungeon hack Crawl, recently greenlit on Steam, is a grisly little action-RPG with very, very pretty pixel art. The new trailer is a visual symphony of small four-sided shapes—a feast of upside-down pentagrams, Carmackian floating demon heads, and plenty of blood-splatter.  Like Diablo, it allows you and up to three buddies to rampage through a damp, subterranean, freak-filled dungeon, with the caveat that your buds can possess the baddies and the spike traps. Another difference from Diablo: these pixels are hella expressive. Games from smaller studios that feature spectacular pixel art is a trend we’re loving, as we’ve seen…