The yarn-filled trailer for Unravel is sew adorable

You might remember Yarny from E3, when he made us wonder whether all videogames would eventually get Etsy-fied. Or you might remember his creator, Martin Sahlin, who was one of the few presenters at E3 who passed our fashion police‘s standards with flying colors (well, mainly just two colors: green and denim). Now, everyone’s favorite plucky yarn dude is back in a Gamescom preview, and we just cotton believe how adorable he continues to be (note: all yarn puns will be heretofore italicized for clarity’s sake and to ensure you fully grasp their comedic brilliance). Needle I say more?  The preview shows a…


Campo Santo demonstrates how NOT to end an E3 trailer

Did you catch Firewatch‘s E3 trailer? Well, after some serene shots of the Wyoming national park—which will be the exploration game’s main setting—the trailer ends on a rather tense note. Some suspicious activity has spooked the park rangers, protagonist Henry and his walkie-talkie companion Delilah. Just as Henry realizes someone purposefully sabotaged their communication equipment, Delilah’s voice goes cold with fear on the radio. “Wait, you’re not in your tower?” she asks. No, says Henry. “Then who is?” The camera zooms in on his watch tower, where the lights remain on. This ending leaves viewers with thoughts of what potential…


SUPERHYPERCUBE is bringing telekinetic tetris to virtual reality

Very few games are telekinesis-friendly. Sure, you use your mind to move objects, but there is always a visible intermediary. Even the illusion of psychic ability cannot survive in most games.  SUPERHYPERCUBE, which has been in development since 2008, offers the promise of telekinetic Tetris. Since its original version, the game has promised to use 3D-depth to maximize and enliven the challenge of fitting blocks into walls. In earlier iterations, this was to be achieved through more traditional stereoscopy—the blue and red glasses variety. With the rise of virtual reality (VR), the game appears to have plumbed new depths, and…


Katamari Damacy’s creator will have us unite friends with a giant funsplosion next

While members of the press struggle to properly label Wattam (is it a puzzle game? A sandbox? A friendship simulator?), the latest trailer only continues to defy all categorization and genre. If you haven’t played on of Keita Takahashi’s games before then you haven’t seen a game quite like Wattam, and that’s only one of its extraordinary qualities. Co-founded by ex-thatgamecompany (Journey) producer Robin Hunickie, and famed Katamri Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, Funomena game studio is creating a playground that unlocks only through friendship, experimentation, and explosions. Hidden beneath Wattam‘s happy-go-lucky exterior lies a story world of unexpected tragedy. “After a series…