Fear Chatroulette’s walking dead, but in a good way

On a daily basis, Chatroulette is home to far scarier interactions than Realm Pictures’ zombie-themed “Real Life First Person Shooter,” but few—if any—are as endearing. The setup is familiar: A player is dropped into a gameworld and explores it through their avatar’s point of view. This world, it turns out, is filled with zombies and the player must kill those from whom you cannot run away. Along the way they can pick up weapons that might be of use. Should their health meter hit zero, they die. Game over. It’s all quite typical, really. Or, rather, it would be quite…


Beg for your life in this experimental game about execution

We’re used to the first-person shooter being a series of gunshots executed through bared teeth. Bang, bang, momentarily duck behind cover to heal, bang bang. That’s the usual rhythm. They’re shooting galleries that throw bodies of various intelligence and armor at us to shoot. There’s little thought required from us when playing these videogames beyond whether or not we should reload or hurl a grenade over our head. This is fine. However, there are some shooters that have tried a more reflexive approach to this formula. They throw us into the lion’s den as usual, but when we emerge on the…


Ragdoll Nazis make Wolfenstein 3D a comical shooter

I like shooting hands. Call it a fetish if you will.

It’s rooted in my time spent with Goldeneye 007 for the N64. It was among the first shooters to have body-hit detection, which meant you could aim the reticule at, say, an innocent scientist’s hand, fire a bullet into it, and for about a minute (maybe longer) they’d shake their arm around, and hold onto their hand as if it bore a fresh wound. This provided me hours of entertainment between the ages of eight and fourteen.


7DFPS takes the "shooter" out of first-person shooter

“S can stand for a whole variety of things…” Pietro Righi Riva, creator of Mirrormoon EP, proposes in the 7DFPS keynote. He’s referring to the “myth” that the ‘S’ in FPS (typically, first-person shooter) stands for “shooter,” and only that.  “…like First Person Shopping, or First Person Snokelling. First Person Soldering. First Person Space travelling. First Person Scissoring?” Righi Riva continues. swap the ‘S’ in FPS for another word.  Whether or not any of those who participated in 7DFPS this year took Righi Riva’s proposition into consideration when creating there entries is unknown. However, if you were to play some…


7DFPS is an essential rethinking of the first-person shooter

The mission that fuels 7DFPS (7 Day First Person Shooter) is one that desires to see what else can be achieved with the first-person shooter format.  For most of its existence, the first-person shooter has been restricted to shooting aliens, or Nazis, or another terrifying or despised Other. This is established and engrained within the genre so deeply that, for some, it’s near-impossible to imagine a first-person shooter as being anything that doesn’t reflect its past.  what else can be done with a first-person perspective and a bit of imagination  So a bunch of creators come together, or work by…