shabby home designer

Design your dilapidated fantasy home in Shabby Home Designer

One of my most played games of last year was the simple and charming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, a game in which you designed houses according to the fancies of cutesy animal citizens. Happy Home Designer was released to a wash of lukewarm reviews, nearly all resounding with the common criticism of the game befalling no risk or reward. I agreed with these grievances, but somehow still found myself coming back to it night after night for a few months. Happy Home Designer became my nightly relaxing retreat from reality. In game developer Todd Luke’s recent Flash game, Shabby…


Why this loot-fest from Japan is The Legend of Zelda meets Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is a deep and brilliantly spit-shined game. A work in progress for over ten years, it was developed by a massive team who exhausted a massive budget to satisfy a massive fan-base. It is pontifical and grandiose, to say the least.  And that’s why it’s ironic that Miya Omaru, an unknown indie out of Japan, came along and captured everything that’s good about Diablo 3 — from the looting, to clicking, to the, um, looting.  – – – Still in beta, his Flash game Inishie Dungeon may be all the Diablo I ever need. The downside? I can’t…


Is this the first 400-year long Flash game?

Thoughtful and methodical, 400 Years is a humble Flash game with bold ideas. You play as a sort of living stone face (think pixel art Easter Island statue). You move through the 2D world, as one does in a platformer, only, instead of giving you a jump command, pressing the space bar advances time, season by season. You have precisely 400 years (with four seasons each), to reach the end of the game. – – – To accomplish this, you must make clever use of your time-advancing abilities. In winter, water freezes, allowing you to walk across ponds and lakes.…