Radical Rockits

Radical Rockits is out to make the jetpack fun again

Pity the poor jetpack, forever stuck at the dweeby-but-not-practical stage of technological development. Sure, the jetpack looked neat when Buck Rogers used one to zoom through the sky in a 1928 edition of the comic series Amazing Stories, but it’s basically all been downhill since then. In order to take off and even fleetingly maneuver, jetpacks have to be large and bulky, which is fine if all you want to do is take off and even fleetingly maneuver. But what if you want to look cool while doing it? Good luck with that; the jetpack is the Google Glass of aviation…


Vane strives for beauty and consistency, even in its bird physics

It’s the little things that makes Vane one of the most gorgeous looking games in development right now: the graceful twirl of leaves loosening from thin branches, clouds of dust that kick up behind a small, running figure, or the beating of a bird’s wings against the hot desert air. In games, beauty isn’t just the product of a pleasing art style. The coding has to do its part too, and a new blog post from developer Friend & Foe Games shows just how much painstaking detail can go into perfecting the systems that many people take for granted. According…


This InnerSpace trailer is here to make sure you find tranquility today

Hey man, how’s your Wednesday going? Feeling good? Happy? At one with your inner soul and outer essence? Good, good. That’s good. Or, you know, maybe you’re not. Maybe you feel your center’s a bit shaky, and wish the ground seemed more stable—or at least more navigable. That’s totally chill too—absolutely no shame in that. They can’t all be good days, right. No matter how you’re feeling or where you are in life, we’re all just flying vessels trying to make it in this vast world of fragmented, drifting objects that are both repelled and attracted to one another. do…


Clouds Below lets you unfurl your wings and soar over beautiful vistas

It’s not easy to jump out of a plane, y’know? I will do it for the first time in approximately two weeks from 7,000 feet in the air. I might be shitting myself. But worse is all the prep up until that moment—about 30 seconds of freefall—as it’s a lot of hassle. I’ve had to join the British Parachute Association, pay £149 in advance, and will have a 30-minute tutorial that will help me not die when dangerously flinging myself out of a hollow tube with wings in the sky. All that, plus I have to endure my mother’s frets.…


The Blue Flamingo is a diorama come to life

In the seventh grade, I had to make a diorama for a class project, and being on a complete kick of Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge, I opted to craft something that involved lots and lots of fighter planes. Might and Delight seems to have been on the same wavelength with diorama-incarnate The Blue Flamingo, except with a professional touch and a lack of amateurish glue marks, and that they made a videogame out of it. The Swedish developer is known for their artistic touch and physical-meets-digital aspect of design, with the concept of Pid coming from paper cutouts.…