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Show your support for next year’s smuttiest FMV game

The Chuck Tingle adventure game is now looking to be “Kickstarted in the Butt.” If you’re not familiar with Chuck Tingle this will all come as quite a shock. He is perhaps the internet’s best supplier of smut, writing short erotica with titles like “My Ass Is Haunted By The Gay Unicorn Colonel” and “Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt.” I promise you this is real (and I can also promise you that it is glorious). Earlier this year, game maker Zoe Quinn hit up Chuck Tingle over Twitter, asking if he’d like to make a game with her.…


Upcoming FMV game is set in a real decommissioned nuclear bunker

The Bunker is coming out this month, bringing with it what looks to be a fresh take on the full-motion video (FMV) game genre. It’s a psychological horror game that will have you assume the role of John, a boy born in a government bunker “the day the bombs fell,” July 3, 1986. Three decades later, all of John’s loved ones are dead, yet he continues his circadian rhythms and routines, following the rules of the titular bunker. When an alarm goes off, disrupting John’s daily routines and causing his mind to “self-destruct,” he begins to travel deeper into his home,…


Get ready to experience terrible videogame history: Night Trap is coming to browsers

Ah, the elusive Night Trap Fan. You hear of them often, but actual sightings remain a rarity. The creators of the infamous 1992 FMV (which, in part, sparked the videogame backlash that lead to the ESRB ratings we hold dear today) spoke about their many legions of fans last year when the Kickstarter sent ripples through a decade-old fanbase. Yet, despite the enthusiasm of this super fan group, the desire to see their beloved classic revamped fell just $290,000 short of what the developers demanded. But fear not, for the devotion of the Night Trap fan knows no bounds and cannot…


What do you get when you combine Her Story with an owl? Hoot Story

I’m the owl guy. When my webcam pops on during Google Talk or Skype chats what you’ll see is a miniature china owl looking over my shoulder from atop the fireplace. It does not hoot but sometimes I hear it. Directly behind me, at the other end of the room, is a cushion with an owl embroidered onto it sat on my brown sofa. And what sometimes sticks to the bottom of my mug o’ tea? A coaster with two little owls on them.  If you start talking to me about owls I will tell you facts about them: 1)…


Frog Fraction 2’s FMV game is the best/worst Kickstarter video ever

The new viral advertisement game for Frog Fractions 2‘s Kickstarter campaign cannot—will not be topped. Kickstarter Simulator 2015 is both a satire of all the cheesy, terrible, and maudlin pitches we’re accustomed to, and also the finest example of one yet. It is a terrible idea of terrible ideas, a FMV shooter where you zap the devs at Twinbeard as they brainstorm dumb ideas and consider eating spoiled jars of salsa. If you’re wondering “What is this game about amphibian math?” well, I’m not even sure the guys making it know yet. But the original web game was just as…