Hyperactive shooter DESYNC is made to resemble synesthesia

Beginning in the 20th century, modern design started being dominated by the saying “form follows function.” The idea was that when creating a building, car, or piece of software, pragmatism should come first, and style should be secondary. In Adult Swim’s upcoming game DESYNC, however, style is the function. Taking inspiration from classic shooters like Quake (1996) and Unreal Tournament (1999), DESYNC is a deliberately unrealistic shooter set in a colorful neon world resembling the computer reality of the Tron films. Enemies are abstract collections of polygons and vectors, and players dual-wield guns and swords while jumping dozens of feet into the air…


Watch this new MOCA documentary on how the FPS has evolved beyond shooting Nazis

We’ve written before about how the shooter genre is expanding into a wider variety of games that can do nicer things than shooting dudes in the head. We did a PBS Game/Show episode about that. Also, I collected interviews with the creators of games that use shooter mechanics in surprising ways, like Proteus, and MirrorMoon EP, among others.  Now Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan, a whimsical game about discovering a forgotten kingdom by splattering it with paint, is the subject of a new mini-documentary from Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. They beat a familiar drum: we need games that do…


This app turns Google Glass wearers into no-scoping harbingers of death

Google Glass not only does useful and cool stuff like recording your mindless drive to work while making you look somewhat like a robot, but now it can help you kill things. As you can see in this video of one buff dude aiming a huge semiautomatic gun, Glass can display your crosshair and target so you can hide behind cover without even peeking your head out. How the Shotview app works is the sight of the scope is streamed to the head’s up display of your augmented eyewear. Man, this would be useful in Wolfenstein.  While this seems like…