Announcing Play/Off, NYC’s first league of digital play

EDIT: Keep an eye out for Play/Off in 2016. We have decided to postpone it until then in order to do the best job possible on this event series. Games have been inherently social for most of our history, from basketball to chess. Why should videogames be any different? In our new event series, brought to you by Grind coworking spaces and arts and culture publication Kill Screen, we want to bring people together to play face-to-face in New York City’s first league of digital play. Over the course of six events, teams will face off in games plucked from…


It’s dangerous to go alone, so bring a friend to the beautiful world of Yonder

With a few notable exceptions, platformers are typically solitary adventures that measure determination against dexterity. The life of a whip-wielding vampire slayer or bounty hunting contortionist is a lonely one. Players often left to fend for themselves as they chart a course through a labyrinthine quest for treasure and triumph through adversity. Yonder, the first game developed by André and Johan Steén of Venturous Games, looks to buck that trend while sporting a gorgeous art style. A 2D platformer with an emphasis on exploration, puzzle-solving, and companionship, Yonder sets itself apart from the isolationist bent of its contemporaries, eschewing their predilection…


FTL proposal is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see in a roguelike

Maybe I just have a soft spot for love letters and roguelikes, but this proposal in FTL: Faster Than Light is kind of beautiful. A Redditer going by the name oft_wears_hats is now a happy fiancé after patching his girlfriend’s copy of the game with a dialogue tree in which a the man of her dreams boards her ship and asks her to marry him. She said yes, of course, or else this story would be sad and we’d not be posting it: Man gets rejected in FTL just doesn’t have the same ring.  We’ve seen sweethearts popping the question…


A Song for Viggo is to depression what a Michael Bay flick is to explosions

Now in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, it’s basically the saddest game imaginable, a papercraft point-and-clicker with a hangdog piano soundtrack about the most doleful topic imaginable: parents who accidentally killed their kids. It’s also all really pretty and made by hand and folded from paper.  There have been games that tug at the heartstring, sure. But this is desolation row. Does the abundance of depression make A Song for Viggo a hard sell? “Yeah of course, I should trash this game and make a game about cute bunnies jumping. It’s not a game for everyone. I showcased it…