FTL proposal is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see in a roguelike

Maybe I just have a soft spot for love letters and roguelikes, but this proposal in FTL: Faster Than Light is kind of beautiful. A Redditer going by the name oft_wears_hats is now a happy fiancé after patching his girlfriend’s copy of the game with a dialogue tree in which a the man of her dreams boards her ship and asks her to marry him. She said yes, of course, or else this story would be sad and we’d not be posting it: Man gets rejected in FTL just doesn’t have the same ring.  We’ve seen sweethearts popping the question…


Galactic Princess is the unofficial Millenium Falcon-battling sim

In a galaxy far far away, namely France, a team is hard at work on Galactic Princess, the awesome-looking spaceship management strategy game on Kickstarter. My first thought was that Stars Wars nostalgia must surely be running on fumes by this point. But then the 80s kicking-ass-and-taking-names music kicks in, and you get a glimpse of the storm trooper-esque laser battles in the cryogenics room, and all is forgiven. The game brings to mind FTL and Rymdkapsel in that it’s a real-time strategy game about the ins-and-outs of keeping a spacecraft and crew well-oiled. But the war is raging in…