Don’t worry: The Last Guardian is still coming out in 2016

When we last saw the Fumito Ueda-directed The Last Guardian, it was E3 of last year. The sun was shining, as it often is in Los Angeles, and the tweet-buzz was chirping. The long-anticipated follow-up to Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005) wasn’t dead after all. Prior to the surprise trailer, all that we had heard about the game was from reassuring rumor-mongering whispers, hushed reassurances from Sony that the game was not dead and gone. Now, in a cover story with Edge magazine, new details have emerged about the title, including a firmer 2016 release window (though still no…


Vane is as gorgeous and desolate as you’d expect, coming from ex-Last Guardian devs

Vane is a jaw-dropping game about exploring dangerous old ruins in desolate nature, and boy does it have pedigree.  It’s coming to us from some self-described devilishly handsome ex-members of The Last Guardian team—that’s Fumito Ueda’s long en absentia, man-eating yet puppy-eyed monster game for PlayStation 3, or 4, or 5, possibly. They grew tired of the daily grind of big game development and decided to go do what they love at their own independent game studio, Friend & Foe. And apparently what they love is Fumito Ueda’s former games. Looking at the gorgeously picturesque panoramas that have been released,…