Yale researchers have found a way to rip images from people’s minds

Time to start thinking about some custom firmware to guard the content of that brain of yours, presuming you are not a futurist who already thinks about that daily. Researchers at Yale have found a way to read people’s minds with an MRI machine. Before, they could read nonspecific things, like whether you were thinking about, say, flowers or buildings, but now they have enough juice to scan the details of a face. By having participants study a human visage while being scanned, scientists can intercept the image from brain activity patterns and reproduce it, although the reproductions look from…


Director J.J. Abrams just gave Gabe Newell some tips on what games can learn from film. We should listen.

In 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow created a system to figure out an age old question: what do people want? He called it his “Hierarchy of Needs” and it ranged from the basic physiological desires such as food and water at the bottom to the heady realm of self-actualization at the top. You’ve probably seen the chart. It looks a lot like the food pyramid. Something similar happens in the realm of culture. For every consumer of media, there is a range of “needs” that occurs. We orient our free time in a similar way and for many folks, there is…