Today in videogame food news: "Gamer" soda and Power Mitt Oven Glove

We were wildly divided about which of these products was more useful to the modern player of videogames. First, Gamer, a “dedicated beverage brand … created specifically for the videogamer.” Gary Carlson, the owner and originator of Gamer, wants to expand his distribution but alas, many locations will not accept his glass bottles—he needs cans! I am huge fan of regional sodas, pops, and other carbonated beverages, especially if they have caffeine and real cane sugar. While I personally reach for a can of Red Bull while I play Titanfall or Civ V late into the wee hours, that Game_Jam/Mountain…


Gone Home’s Steve Gaynor: "Being a gamer has a stigma to it."

This is something we’ve known forever, but the creator of Gone Home drove the point home and perhaps put the nail in the coffin. Talking today about narrative design, Gaynor made a subtle, but piercing call.  In particular he was lamenting the fact that people who don’t play games but wanted to play his because of the more thoughtful subject matter were greeted with images of dudes with guns when they went to buy it on Steam.  “Downloading something on Steam is intimidating. Being a gamer has a stigma to it,” he said, pulling up a slide of the popular digital distribution platform’s…