Shenmue gets GDC postmortem, continues Dreamcast’s jolly stroll into immortality

Yu Suzuki is scheduled to give a postmortem of Shenmue at the next Game Developers Conference in March. PlayStation 4 mastermind Mark Cerny will be translating for Suzuki. These postmortems are normally fascinating: developers cut like a flaming hot sword through the typical piles of marketing bullshit and speak really candidly about why they made the decisions they did. It’s the sort of insight almost never offered before a game actually comes out.  What’s really interesting about the Shenmue postmortem in general is how nicely it slots alongside the ongoing reevaluation of the Dreamcast. Shenmue was intended as the system’s crowning achievement but it…


Forget Mass Effect. NASA wants to put you in space for real.

The NASA session at G.D.C., We Are The Space Invaders, came at the end of a long day. Everyone looked exhausted, the woman sitting next to me had her shoes off, and more than a few chairs were free. You could almost here a collective sigh as the two presenters, Victor Luo and Jeff Norris of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, showed us vintage clips of Spacewar! and established the predictable mantra that games and space are intimately entwined. Yet, it ended with a standing ovation, a communal sense of amazement, and a pledge that NASA engineers are working towards…