Everybody scream! It’s Overwatch on Halloween

It’s probably too early in the day for me to playing Overwatch, being around noon. After all, I have work to do. But I’m ignoring that for now. For a fleeting hour or so, I’m taking a break, because Overwatch’s latest themed event is here. And oh buddy, it’s Halloween. A couple hours spent in Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event and I already feel as if it’s leagues better than the Summer Games from August. Maybe that’s because I’m not into sports, but skulls and pumpkins? I’m 100 percent on board. In the timely update, players can now buy the rare skins…

yokai watch 2

Yo-Kai Watch 2 taught me that emotions are a lie, but ghosts are real

I’ve been playing Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits every night since I got it. Why Bony Spirits and not Fleshy Souls (the alternative version of the same game)? Because skeletons are cooler, I guess. At least, that’s my reasoning. Yo-Kai Watch 2 comes only a year after the series’s first localization reached the West, following a lot of people labeling Yo-Kai Watch as being the “new” Pokemon (which was even a descriptor before the series ventured westward). As if Pokemon has been gone in the past few years—it hasn’t, and there’s even a new one coming out pretty soon. All life’s…

Indigo Child

Chat with lonely ghosts in Indigo Child

Love indie games? We are relaunching our print magazine with Issue 9. For a limited time, use the discount code RELAUNCH to receive 10% off your purchase of Issue 9, or off a 4 issue subscription. /// In the 80s and 90s, “indigo children” were a topic out of New Age philosophy that gained some mainstream popularity. The idea was that certain gifted children might possess unusual or paranormal abilities. It’s the kind of thing that would have made for a good X-Files episode, or if you’re developer Metkis, it makes for a good short game. Indigo Child is about talking to ghosts,…


Visit the ghost of high school past in Oxenfree

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Oxenfree (PC, Mac, Xbox One) NIGHT SCHOOL STUDIO Ghosts haunt all high school kids. Whether its that publicly humiliating story you can’t shake from your preteen years, or the apparition of “what might’ve been” if you’d asked your crush out; adolescence is a haunting experience. So maybe that’s why we keep torturing our teens in horror movies, games, and novels. The branching narrative game Oxenfree explores the more existential questions of teen horror: rather than a pure whodunit, the game keeps you enticed through clever writing and…


This week’s Playlist pick is the abstract, spectral Sylvio

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. SYLVIO (PC, MAC) BY APOSTROPHE  Were you someone who watched The Conjuring and wished you could be a badass ghost hunter like the Warrens? Well, they made a horror game for you (and your poor life goals), and it’s called Sylvio. In Sylvio, you play as Juliette Waters, an audio recorder who specializes in EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and communicating with the other side. She faces her toughest challenge yet after getting trapped inside an old family park that closed down after tragedy struck…


How Tacoma’s ghosts of the past will help you in the present

While it wasn’t a horror game, the utter abandonment of the house in Gone Home made every turn around every corner feel like an imminent encounter with the supernatural. It was only in the material possessions of that house’s residents that any sign of life was even evident. Take that format and throw it out into the cold isolation of space and you have the recipe for an even eerier experience. But on board the space station where Fullbright’s upcoming game Tacoma takes place, it seems we won’t be completely alone. If you count the virtual presences that occupy the…