Slack’s error page is actually an interactive scene from a defunct game

It wasn’t long ago that working in America was defined by a common image: people gathering around an office water cooler every morning to drink coffee and discuss the latest episode of shows like Dancing with the Stars (team Bindi, by the way). However, with 1 in 5 Americans now working from home thanks to the rise of internet, that image has become a little more dated in recent years. Instead of a water cooler, these online workers often employ chat programs like Slack, which allow them a sort of virtual office-space to gather around. With it, they’re easily able to discuss…


GIF GJ is a Frankenstein’s monster of millennial internet culture

I think it’s time we accept that the GIF has become our symbol for this moment in the digital age. Fleeting, repetitive, ephemeral and yet always the same, the GIF captures the essence of a generation built on the internet: a never-ending loop of recycled information spreading on and on and on, ad infinitum. Giphy’s GIF GJ feels like the chaotic logical conclusion to millennial remix culture. Deriving from the cult of the mashup, GIF GJ combines digital DJing with GIFs by replacing a musical playlist with a soundboard of animated graphics. According to Giphy, the software is a call…


New Shape of the World gifs show off strange creatures and falling monuments

Shape of the World is pure joy. It’s a game about finding your place in the world as much as it is being lost in it—about learning how to be lost while still feeling like you belong. As you wander through its colorful biomes, life sprouts up all around you, in real time. Shrubbery bubbles up like foam from the earth, brittle trees snap upright along the path, rocks fall from the sky and take root in the ground as if they were there all along. a good look at the vast scale and dynamism of Shape of the World  My…


Rain World shows off its eerie locales with new videos

Strange crops. Horror grass. The Wall. The names are bizarre enough alone, evocative of Roadside Picnic‘s hellish anomalies, but this isn’t the world of the Strugatsky brothers we’re talking about. It’s Rain World, the game that simultaneously has one of the cutest player characters and some of the weirdest and most sinister enemies I’ve seen in a while. all manner of creepy in the world of slugcat  If you want a better look at what I’m talking about, check out the gallery of gifs the creators of Rain World just posted in a Kickstarter update, or head over to the post itself and view the short videos showcasing each thing individually. Rain World beta: Aug gifs…


Latest GIFs from the adorable Rain World confirm there will be "death rain"

Oh Rain World. I’ve seen so many alluring gifs come out of your development process, I probably won’t even know what to do with you once you become an actual playable gif—er, I mean, a bona fide videogame. Most likely, out of habit, I’ll just watch and wait for you to loop back to the start. The creators have been making it rain gifs ever since the platformer was successfully Kickstarted all the way back in January 2014. A year and a half later, and the rain—one of the major elemental motifs in the world—is finally ready to be implemented.…


Celebrate the clunkiness of 90s electronics with these adorable gifs

The ’90s was truly the last analog decade. When the new millennium rolled around we all made the switch over to digital as if it were commanded by time itself. It was a gradual process: the first 3G networks appeared in 1998 to pave the way for the ubiquity of all-purpose mobile phones; Apple introduced its iPod in 2001; peer-to-peer technology really took off as people discovered services like Napster from ’99; and social networking was embedded in our lives with the launch of MySpace in 2003 and Facebook in 2004. As we melted into our comfier digital lives, what…


9 Squares captures the wonderful dialogue of gif culture

Remember Hollywood Squares, the 1990s American quiz show in which panelists—including a definitely-not-high Whoopi Goldberg—were seated in three stacked tiers, each of which contained 3 boxes? There were audience participants, sure, but Hollywood Squares was really about the interaction between the boxes in its 3×3 grid. an ongoing dialogue about creativity  If Whoopi and her eight aged colleagues had been replaced with animated gifs, it would have looked something like 9 Squares, a bimonthly digital art project currently being hosted on Tumblr. Every two weeks, nine designers / animators are given a four-color palette and asked to create a three-second-long…