This app turns Google Glass wearers into no-scoping harbingers of death

Google Glass not only does useful and cool stuff like recording your mindless drive to work while making you look somewhat like a robot, but now it can help you kill things. As you can see in this video of one buff dude aiming a huge semiautomatic gun, Glass can display your crosshair and target so you can hide behind cover without even peeking your head out. How the Shotview app works is the sight of the scope is streamed to the head’s up display of your augmented eyewear. Man, this would be useful in Wolfenstein.  While this seems like…


Americans fear genetic engineering, robots, drones, and Google, in that order

According to a national survey that asked people about near-future technologies, the doomsday scenario is a bunch of genetically superior post-Gen Y’ers who’ll admit them to nursing homes with robot caretakers while they prance around in augmented eyewear, flying drones. That is to say that well over half of those polled by the PEW Research Center find the prospect of commercial drones, genetic modification, robot caretakers, and augmented tech like Google Glass terrifying. But the future isn’t all bad. Most people believe that within 50 years we will be receiving transplants of organs grown in labs. About half think that computers…


A checklist for how not to get punched wearing Google Glass

It seems Google is aware that their newfangled augmented reality eyewear has a public image problem, with privacy issues surfacing around facial recognition software and the fact that early adopters are basically positing themselves as geeky, walking camcorders. So the tech giant has put together a list of dos-and-don’ts when sporting Google Glass, which cheekily addresses some rather serious concerns. The dos start off positively enough. Wearers should use voice commands, explore the world, and make sure that they implement the lock screen, lest they lose their glasses and some stranger should have access to all the strange shit they’ve…