The year in graphic adventures

Growing up, graphic adventures were essential. Sure, I might have gone to Greg’s house to race through some Mario Kart tracks now and then, or called up Izzy if I were looking for the vicarious thrill of watching him charge the dark corridors of DOOM (I was too skittish to actually play). But at home on my dad’s IBM were the mainstays: a treasure trove of epic adventures with funny dialogue and exotic, lushly rendered locales where I could hang out and explore for hours on end. The Caribbean, the lost city of Atlantis, the increasingly satirical lands of Daventry…


The Official captures all the struggles of early adulthood, in low-poly beauty

When I last spoke to Tymon Zgainski in late 2012, he had just entered his adult life, being a new student at the University of Edinburgh, and was “concerned with issues of modern civilization and our responsibility towards the environment we live in.” At the time, he was showing an image from his first-person adventure game The Official that depicted a chair underneath a noose hanging from the jagged ceiling of a low-poly office. That image is unquestionably haunting. It’s a reflection of those deep-cutting feelings we may experience during those early years of adulthood struggle, when everything is uncertain, and…