Here’s the GTA Movie trailer you never knew you wanted

Every new film that is at least tangentially about digital technology should open with a title card proclaiming: “At least it’s not yet another Steve Jobs movie.” So, here is the trailer for The Gamechangers, BBC Two’s film about the development of Grand Theft Auto and its accompanying moral panic. At least it’s not yet another Steve Jobs movie. Some other “at least” disclaimers, while we’re at it: at least it’s not Hitman Agent 47; at least it’s not PIXELS; at least it’s not another Steve Jobs movie. Look, it’s been a bad little while for movies about technology and the…


"Virtual reality is an antisocial tech," Grand Theft Auto publisher says

Obviously, virtual reality is a pretty hot topic in games these days. We dedicated an entire issue to it. But now the head honcho at Take-Two, publisher of GTA and a whole stable of quality games, has put a bit of a damper on the optimism.  Speaking to Bloomberg, CEO Strauss Zelnick said that donning an Oculus Rift virtual reality mask to explore virtual worlds is being isolationist. And I quote: “It is an antisocial technology.” “A lot of people who play videogames, for example my kids, they play with their friends sitting next to them, and so that technology…